Welcome to my travelogue/blog. First to explain my site name. I am the z half of azgals14. azgals14 head off on road trip adventures every other year. Our first was in 2012 where we had a Rocky Mountain adventure passing through Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore – and my personal favorite Devils Tower.[ http://tishandmonicafabulousvacation.blogspot.com ] In 2014 we toured New England – starting in New Jersey then to Niagra Falls, then on to upstate NY, VT Ft Ticonderoga, over to Maine and then down through NH,RI,CT and a ferry to Long Island wrapping up the adventure in NYC. In 2015 we went solo with Monica – the type A personality spending her time fishing in South Dakota, while I (of the type Z personality) went to Scotland. Later on this year 2016 we are planning on a road trip in Alaska but in the meantime I am learning to embrace retirement and so am setting out on a solo road trip.

First stop is to be Lake Havasu, AZ. Its a popular spring break spot so I hope to get in and get out before the college kids arrive. Here is what I want to avoid….

Spring Break

If it looks like the above I will be moving on to stop 2 of my trip, Jerome AZ. Can’t wait to upload a photo of early March in Lake Havasu tomorrow.


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