Lake Havasu

Informational content first … Lake Havasu is on the Colorado river just south of I-40. I pulled into lakehavasu city shortly before dusk and found my motel easily … if only my pre-paid reservation had been found as easily. After nearly a half hour on the phone with Travelocity the front desk person hung up on them, looked at me and said “screw it, I believe you” and I was in. 
After a day in the car I was more than ready to hoof it somewhere. I had been directed to a restaurant district no more thana half mile away so off I went. So… I had not really researched this tripother than knowing I had not been here before so I was partially surprised to round a corner and discover…


London Bridge in all its reconstructed glory! It actually looks quite nice there. So this whole resort town was constructed  around the bridge.  When the bridge was reconstructed it was on dry land but a place where it jutted out into the lake so after construction the channel you see was dredged turning the land on the west into an island. The town grew from there.
As resort towns go, I quite liked it. There are some very nice parks and walking trail



Oh yes, let us not forget Brew pubs. The first night I ate at Barley Brothers where I indulged in their IPA. The second night I went to the Mudshark brewery and had their Spring Training ale.
Like any good resort they got totally caught up in their theme and constructed a little British-like village, complete with foun



They even had a fake Ben chiming out the time.
The lake is truly beautiful in spite of the rv’s in Parker and the resort. The next pic shows part of the lake from the state park just North of Lake Havasu City.


And so I wrapped up my visit to the river and set out to find US Rte 66.

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