Welcome to Jerome AZ, a copper mining town – partially founded by winston Churchill’s wife’s grandfather …. at least he invested a lot of cash towards the founding of the mine.


The streets here are crazy steep but the views are stupendous.


It was a typical mining town of the time with a bunch of miners and and prostitutes. According to the museum, the term red light district was started either here or another similar mining town. The lower class prostitutes each worked from a ‘crib’. When a miner went in, he left a lantern shaded with red glass outside the door so he could be found quickly in case of an emergency. Who knew? There were also some higher class brothels purportedly sponsored by The Company for managers etc.


This brothel is called The House of Joy.

Apparently in 1920 there were 15K folks living there but by 1953 it was declared a ghost town. A group of ‘hippies’ moved in during the 60’s and 70’s and then more artisans and finally the historic preservation society went into full swing. (Hopefully I got all this right – my next door neighbor is from Jerome and may have words with me when I get home! )
They have stairs between levels and I did use them going up since I wanted to have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger.


Their hamburgers are delish and I had a crisp THAT strawberry blonde with it. I walked the rest of the way up to the Grand Jerome Hotel before heading back down.


It is quite the artist community and in addition to the usual Tshirts and shot glasses their was lots of jewelry and local pottery and paintings and stuff to peruse. I walked the four or five switchbacks back down only buying a book and a sweatshirt.
Again the weather was perfect. As is obvious by the photos more our blue sky and since Jerome is a mile high the weather did not exceed 72.
Four hours of browsing shops is about my limit so I headed back down the mountain to Cottonwood.


Of course the further down the mountain I got, the hotter it got until I reached the bottom and it was mid eighties. It seemed like it might be better to take a scenic drive than to walk around in Old Town. Lo and behold! As I went around a round-about  (have I mentioned I love my car …. i ‘m often tempted to take multiple laps aroundround-abouts ) there was an exit fortuitously labeled as ‘scenic route’, so off I swerved. I now can only

now assume that the street name was

“scenic route” as I was dead ended into a subdivision with ‘model homes available’. Not my first choice for a drive.
I ended up back at my motel and now I am all caught up on this travelogue.
Now that it has cooled down I plan to explore the river walk that starts in old town.
Tomorrow I head to Sedona to buy crystals and find the source of all mystic powers…. ommmmmm

One thought on “Jerome”

  1. Hey Aunt Tish! This looks really fun! Dad and I are looking at it together while we drink our coffee in Brooklyn. 🙂 Dad wants to know what kind of car you have.


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