On yet another beautiful day I jumped in my car and headed off to Sedona. Handy that Jerome, Cottonwood and Sedona are so close together.  Following the rules for road trips I took the scenic overlooks but even so, I arrived within 20 minutes. I don’t know what its like coming from any other direction but I turned a corner and omg! It is gorgeous!  Of course other than stopping in the middle of the road there was no way to get a good picture at the best spot. There were signs reminding drivers towatch out for pedestrians but I figured they were on their own … there was scenery to gawk at.
I hightailed it to the visitors center and loaded up with pamphlets and touristy maps and headed back to find an easy day hike … well that’s what I thought I was doing, except of course I turned the wrong way and followed along Oak Creek Canyon. What a difference… red rock desert vs


I can only imagine how grateful pioneers would have been to run across this. I followed along Oak Creek for a while but then reminded myself that I had a vortex to find so I looped back around and headed back into Sedona. It looked like the vortex with the easiest access was one of two that were on the butte that had the airport on top. Since airports are generally well marked I found the turnoff with ease. At the first turn out I eagerly looked for a spot but it was all full up…. I didn’ t know it yet but that was to be the source of future bad luck. Anyway I followed the road up to the scenic overlook and this one was  beautiful.


Truly, the picture does not do justice to the view. After soaking it up for some time, I meandered over to an area map an


And saw this sign …. A vortex – aha my goal for the day…. and only a half mile. Okay for some it was a half mile, but not for those of us clever enough to take the detour and discover the super secret Masonic lodge located up on the plateau. So, apparently, the gate sign that says “don’t let the deer in” actually means, “trail out here”. So I continued hiking and ended up … yards away from the lower parking lot and the vortex. Who knew that there would be a drive-up vortex?


Up I climbed the last few.feet waiting to be swept up into….. more beautiful views. Rats maybe if I had worn my mystic moonstone I would have been swept up into more … mysticness. Oh well, it was truly beautiful and the weather was only a tad on the warm side. After making sure I had canvased the area for vortex-ness, I decided to head back up. At first I didn’t see the trail spur that I had used to come down but I did see one labeled airport so off I went. It was a beautiful trail and I was happily going along …. thinking surely my half mile was almost complete when I met a couple who told me that I was probably only a quarter done??! Okay this was not the trail I was looking for. But what the heck it was well maintained and I had brought water so on I toiled.


Trees on mountainsides are so inventive and have their own beauty – this one is a juniper. After a bit longer I sidled up to a handy boulder to take a break and enjoy the scenery. As I got up to continue the hike, my right foot slid out from under me and I found myself about to go face down into…


I gracefully executed a full gainer and landed lightly on my feet! Okay I frantically twisted and landed on my butt with only the loose outer portions of my shirt making contact with the prickley pear. Unfortunately, my ankle was seriously involved in the twisting. Fortunately I was not bleeding anywhere. So I just sat there for a bit wondering how I was going to get up without doing myself further injury when a hiker came by. After she helped me up and we ascertained that as long as I didn’t twist my ankle I could walk reasonably well I encouraged her to go on with her hike. She then depressed me with the knowledge that I had a mile and a half to go but she made up for it by telling me my hair looked fabulous…. true or not that is a sure way to lift a girls spirits! So off she went and I plodded along after. I kind of lost interest in scenery after that as I had to pay close attention to the path.


Eventually the trail dumped me right back at…. aufgh! the lower parking lot! I swallowed my pride and begged a ride to the top. After sitting in the car for a few minutes recovering I was ready to call it a day and get some ice on my ankle.
Ankle notwithstanding, I’m glad I took the hike.
And that was my Sedona-uh-oh adventure.

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