Cottonwood to Flagstaff

Firstly, I did go back to the riverwalk in Cottonwood. The trail was easy to follow and it was moving toward dusk so  I set a brisk pace ( for me at least ). Its March so spring is on its way and in a protected area like this you can see it coming.


I wandered down the trail enjoying the weather and the quiet. At last a glimmer through the trees – was that the sunset bouncing off of water? I had to beat my way through last season’s reeds but at last I was rewarded.with a sight  of the Verde River!


With a feeling of accomplishment (simple pleasures) I was able to meander my way back to my car.
I chose Pepe’s diner for dinner where I indulged myself with a blt on sourdough and apple pie a la mode …. sigh….

On the evening of my Sedona-uh-oh adventure, I bypassed gustatory pleasures for a night in with an ice pack and snacks from my cooler.

So goodbye to Cottonwood and off to Flagstaff. Since my vow to avoid the imterstatesnwhen reasonable, my route took me back through Sedona. It took a bit longer to traverse downtown than the day before because of the St Patricks day parade. Okay – what exactly about Sedona screams “I’m Irish”? Seriously, I want to know.

From there I contunued to follow oak creek and then back up into the mountains and pine forests that are the backdrop to the Flagstaff area.


What a varied and beautiful state.  I eventually pulled myself away from the view and headed on in to flag ( as we arizonans are allowed it).  My rest for the night was on rte 66 on the east side of town and oh woe but on my way there I had to go practically by the lumberyard brewery. Siri and I had words about its exact location but eventually we settled our differences and I enjoyed most of a ginormous Sonoran dog and a Knotty Pine IPA. My foot was bugging me still so off to the hotel and the ice pack.
I woke up several hours later with chills, aches and fever. The least said about the next 24 +/- hours the better.

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