Navajo Nation

Stretching across most of northern Az into NW NM and diving into Utah is the Navajo reservation. Over 27,000 sq miles. Although, I had been through parts of it before, an Az road trip wouldn’t be complete without further exploration. I kept up with my attempts to stay on Rte 66, managing the final stretch from Joseph’s city into Holbrook where I needed to restock my cooler. I was out of snacks and, as a total non sequitor, the Navajo reservation is dry. Oh yes I got another gallon of water, too.
Holbrook manages to blend the traditions of Rte 66 and Az tourism nicely with such places as a Wigwam motel! Yes, you can actually sleep in one.


No, they are not made of bison-hide. And if you ever wondered where old VW bugs went to die?


I might have found the spot. Well my cooler was stocked, I had a full tank of gas and another gallon of water so I turned north onto az rte 77.
Did I mention that Sedona was beautiful? There was a stretch  of this road that left me breathless. I look at the pictures I took, and don’t see it but it was magnificent.


Maybe it is just too grand…. a panoramic view would help, but it was just something that got into me.


After a while I thought I must be approaching a convention center or similar structure … in the middle of no where, but the scale was.all wrong. A quick look at a map assured me that I was approaching the town of White Cone, and sure enough


Not long after that I headed eastbound on rte 264 heading for Window Rock – the seat of the tribal government. Of course, all Tony Hillerman fans would know that detail. I stop at the historic Hubbel trading post but they were just closing for the day. My ankle was throbbing again so I just pushed on to window rock so I could once again get my ankle elevated!

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