Window Rock


Window Rock is the home of the Navajo tribal government. I started my day decadently late at the Navajo museum next door to my hotel. As well as artifacts, there was some beautiful artwork to enjoy. My ankle appreciated solid flooring for a change. Outside a traditional hogan had been built for visitors to see.


After the museum, I drove over to the Window Rock war memorial park which also is in the middle of most of the govt buildings. This one is their justice department.


The town’s namesake is the visual focus of the park, of course.


But running a close second is the statue in remembrance of the Navajo code talkers of WWII fame.


I know that I am grateful to them as they were instrumental in the battle of Iwo Jima and my dad was pretty much right there as well. And so, if that battle had gone differently I might not have been at all!

It was time to head on my way off to chinle and Canyon de Chelly (pronounced shay).  I took off following what I thought was Indian rte 7 contemplating Navajo code talkers until the road narrowed yet again and I ran out of paved road with only a dirt driveway ahead. While I enjoy serendipitious adventures, sometimes one must just admit to an oops. Siri could not help as Verizon had no bars in this area. It was time to give in and ask directions. The gentlemen that I asked conferred on the best route to offer me and settled on the most traveled route with the admonition that it was better to be safe than sorry. I thanked them and decided to go along as one directional mishap a day was perhaps enough. So back on the road again! (Willie Nelson, get out of my head!!!)

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