Canyon de Chelly

Once turned back around and headed in the right direction (NW towards Chinle) back through more of the beautiful high desert.


I had been to Canyon de Chelly – almost exactly 25 years ago. The timing I can be positve about as my strongest memory of the trip was morning sickness. I desperately wanted a return trip with better memories. I felt doomed to some disapppointment as I knew today my ankle was not going to let me hike, but I would at least get some views without looking hopefully for a bucket.
I arrived at Chinle without any issues and went into the vistor center and collected my map and headed off to the overlooks.


The canyon is gorgeous and it is easy to see why people would settle here.  From this view I moved forward to the most famous of the ruins, the White House. OMG deja vu, deja vu!!!


From the moment I got out of the car at this overlook, the memory came flooding back. Up until then, I couldn’t remember doing any hiking here but yes I did! I remember the overlook and much of the hike! How could I have forgotten?
This may end up making my son smug – that all my thoughts centered around him from that early on….
This is a beautiful hike but there are slippery rocks and some pretty steep areas as.I recall. Definitely not one to take on a bad ankle..


This photo gives a view, pretty much from the top of the trail – the white house cliff dwelling is in that dark spot on the far side of the canyon floor.
I spent quite a.bit of time at this overlook just soaking it up and reliving a hike from.25 years ago. This little fellow helped entertain me, as he couldn’t figure out what we were looking at over the wall.


I went on to some other overlooks but none fired my memory like the White House ruin did.
After the ruins I went and indulged in a milkshake while I determined my next port-of-call. I decided that although Monument Valley is in Utah, it is very barely N of the border and as long as I stayed in AZ it could count for my AZ road trip. So off I went to the NW again towards Zayenta – still in AZ, still on the Navajo res.

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