Monument Valley

After leaving Canyon de Chelly I went briefly into the town of Chinle to figure out where to next. I spent some time with my map – an actual paper one! – and a chocolate milkshake and decided Monument Valley should be next if I could find a resting place. Checking my Navajo Country guide I was able to find a spot in Kayenta and after going online was able to book a room, so off I went further North and West. The motel room was excellant and there was an attached restaurant. Dinner was excellant and my appetite had finally returned so I had an awesome steak salad with fry bread for desert. Boy is that stuff good – served with honey and confectioners sugar! mmmm.
Once again packed up the car and headed North.

It wasn’t far to the Utah border and Monument Valley. First I stopped at the visitor center and looked at the exhibits and talked with one of employees there, who asked if I had been there before. I told him it had been 25 years which prompted him to say that a lot had changed since then. This of course to laugh and to get a strange look from him. He was thinking about the relatively new visitor center and the huge resort up the hill. On the other hand, I was laughing at the thought that the monument itself had changed much in 25 years – rock monuments don’t change quickly.
I paid my fees and went in.

It was as I remembered it, but inspiring none the less.

This photo is of the “mittens”. The cars down on the road may help define the scale. Any fan of John Wayne and westerns is familiar with scenes of the area.
I spent a long time on the patio of the resort soaking it in.


Of course it helped that it was another beautiful AZ day (even if I had crossed over to UT). High was around 68 with a lovely breeze.
During my contemplation on the patio I had decided it was time to start heading South again – so I set my sites on Tuba City.

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