Tuba City & back to Flag

I had not made advance reservations but was pleased to find a room right next door to the Navajo interactive museum. The hotel had a restaurant as.well so I enjoyed one of my favorites, BLT on sourdough toast. In the lobby of the hotel they had free fry bread!
After another night of resting my poor ankle – obviously doomed to be swollen until I get home and can leave it up – I spent several hours at the two museums next door – one about Navajo history and the second dedicated to the Navajo code talkers. Both were very interesting as was the Trading Post next door.
I eventually got back in my car and headed back to Flagstaff. Like all the roads I had been on there was some pretty scenery.
I took a short break at the Cameron Trading Post which is also now a quite lovely Inn.


Following the rules of the road and serendipity, I turned off the highway for the Wupatki ruins. These were not cliff dwellings but more houses .


And this second one which is in better condtion.


It is sort of leaning into a wash so I don’t know how long it will last but it has been there quite a while so I guess it is good for quite a bit longer. You can actually go inside this one, which made for a good spot to get a picture of the landscape.


After hobbling along in the ruins, I headed into Flag and back to the same motel where I had my bout with the flu. Feeli g much better than my last visit a week earlier, I headed back to the Lumberyard for a burger and a raspberry ale.
The next day I just ambled around Old Town Flagstaff. The main street there is old rte 66 so there is a hodge podge of rte 66 souveniers and just old Flagstaff buildings – oh yes and a brew pub on almost every corner. I had lunch at the Flagstaff Brewpub where I thoroughly enjoyed a BLT and an IPA on cask with a grapefruit infusion. The weather was in the mid sixties which made ambling perfect.


I haven’t made a.study of it, but are gargoyles common on churches?


I suppose if Notre Dame can do it, so can a church in Flag.


That night,still in Flag, I had Indian food for dinner – as in India, not native american. Chicken tikka masala and naan. Another gustatory delight!

And so ended my road trip …. well not quite, I still had to get to Tucson and serendipity might yet prevail.

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