wanderlust attack

3:00 a.m. is not a time that any self-respecting retired person should be awake, but wanderlust must not be denied! So I packed my bags and gave my girl Kelly (my terrier) into the care of LR with daily midday playtime orchestrated by CN…. thank you, ladies…. and headed for the airport. Destination? First stop is to touch base with family on the US east coast then further on to London.

First I had to survive the flights from Tucson to Baltimore. boarding in Tucson started out on time but about half way through a halt was called for an “emergency” on the plane. Fortunately, the plane was fine. A small altercation had occurred due to a small overprotective lap dog whose owner did not bring a carrier. They were deplaned ( without dragging ) to await a dog carrier and the next flight.

For reasons that I cannot remember, I had booked a 2 stop flight. fortunately the layover in Atlanta was very short. Just long enough for me to stretch my legs and walk to my departing gate. A longer layover awaited me in Detroit so I decided to sample some local brew.

This beer carries the name of Gordon Biersch “Huma Luma Licious”. I had to ask my waitress twice for the name and then finally had to read it to get it straight. It was a very tasty IPA, though. It has the zgal seal of approval.

The remaining leg of the journey was uneventful and I arrived at BWI without mishap. My checked bag also arrived safely and was dispensed into my hand without having to wait endlessly. My brother and sister-in-law were there to greet me with hugs and a cooler of beer in the back seat so I wouldn’t get parched on the drive to their house.

A really pleasant evening followed with homemade taco soup and plenty of family news to exchange and then finally a comfy bed and a great nights sleep.

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