A Lazy Day in Paddington

After my late night returning from the theater, I felt no guilt about sleeping in on Friday. In fact I didn’t feel much like playing the tourist. After brunch I set out exploring the neighborhood. It appears to be on the upscale side of things which is I suppose, to be expected due to its proximity to Kensington and Hyde parks…. much like the upper West side of Manhattan. There are quite a few small hotels but in the residential sections I’ve seen quite a few Mercedes and BMW’s. I even passed a. alley that had a garage with a sign that it was Hertz “dream machine” garage. I’m not sure but I think I saw an Alpha Romeo in there.

 I enjoyed meandering about. I saw this sign on some townhouse steps which amused me.

I also noticed that sister is is extremely popular.

Also a lot of houses have greenery in shapes such as cones, balls and spirals. I particularly liked this one since it looked like headphones.

Also notice how the doorknob is in the middle. I thought that only hobbits did that. Apparently it is/was very popular during certain periods of British Architecture.

My lazy day left me with plenty of time to pick up my theater tickets and head back down to Piccadilly circus to see a comedy.

The play was very funny and my return to my hotel was uneventful as I didn’t even try to find a bus. I just got on the Underground ( after minding the gap ) and it took me straight on back.

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