Sunday is Museum Day

I’m not quite sure  how I came to believe it, but Sunday feels like it is Museum Day and so I set off to the British Museum, along with a gazillion of my closest friends. I took the Underground to Tottenham Court rd and then consulted the signs directing me to my destination and arrived without issue.

For some reason that I cannot explain, the folks manning the front gates decided that the line in front was long enough and told us to walk around and enter through the back entrance. Of course it’s a big place and the line o. the back side was short so I very likely got in at exactly the same time as I would have standing in line at the front. Oh well, better exercise and fresh air this way. I immediately headed for the coat room to unload my coat and day pack keeping only my wallet and my phone. I have been to enough museums to know that unless you have a child with you, unloadi g unnecessary items is essential to my enjoyment of the museum. I might have had a debate with myself about my camera but as it turns out that point was moot. Don’t laugh at me Monica, but as usual I forgot to charge my camera so it was merely dead weight. I’m not really fond of taking photos in a museum and really pretty much in there can also be seen in a guide book or on line. I was pretty amused by the picture taking of some of the visitors. I saw more than one visitor walking at a relatively steady pace through rooms with phone or camera in video mode without actually looking at the things they were capturing to disk. Not to get on my soapbox, but the point of a museum it is to get a close up personal view of the artifacts.

Predictably, the most famous exhibits were worth the visit. Up close and personal to the Rosetta stone, the Elgin marbles, and Egyptian mummies! I walked through what I felt to be acres of Roman, Greek and other ancient cultures. All of it totally absorbing. I had a brief lunch break where I had a tasty chicken tart seasoned with spices from India before resuming my museum experience.

I’m not sure how an exhibit of clocks got mixed into ancient culture exhibits but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was almost startled to find myself back into artifacts from 300-1100 AD.

By all means, do not miss the British Museum!!!! 4 hours turned out to be my limit for the day. I browsed the gift shop and after deciding that I didn’t really need a replica of the Rosetta stone in my living room, I collected my coat and bag and left the building and started to meander my way. I had no real destination in mind but decided to point my feet in the direction of Piccadilly. What a great choice that was! The neighborhoods were fascinating.

I found a quaint spot and had “creme tea” which includes tea and a scone with clotted creme and jam. I knew I would need to do this at least once on the trip. It was actually quite good. I almost wished I had not eaten when I saw this next place.

 yumm .. I resisted and continued on my walk to start running into lots of theaters, like this one…

Pretty elaborate display, but should draw some crowds. 

I eventually made it to Piccadilly circus which is sort of like the theater district . That is the area where the theaters for both of the plays that I have attended during this trip can be found. I spent some time wandering, watching street performers and shopping before heading back to the hotel.

It was raining and I was tired so after cleaning up, I headed back to the bar and had a Caesar salad before calling it a day.

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