Tube stop – St Pancras

I liked the way that the tube stop adventures worked out, so this time I chose St Pancras station. This must be the spot for trains to go through the chunnel as I saw platforms with signs for trains to Paris and Brussels and last I heard England is an island. I had seen a photo of the building my guide book but was unprepared for the immensity of the building. This is a view of part of the front.

  • It keeps going in all directions and contains not only a train station but lots of shops and a hotel which is supposed to house the worlds longest champagne bar. I did not check it out. I was distracted by the fact that across the street was Kings Cross Station. If that does not ring any bells, then you will not care that after a careful search I found platform 9 3/4 and a couple of kids returning to Hogwarts.

Actually it was not at all hard to find as there is a Harry Potter store right next to it. Kings Cross Station looks very different than St Pancras station

After picture taking it was still raining so an indoor venue was in order. I stepped up to the handy corner map and discovered that the British Library was close by. I didn’t want to read but they have a collection of original and first editions on display. Again cameras were not allowed, but I saw a Gutenberg bible, an original copy of the Magna Carta as well as the lyrics to a Hards Day Night on the back of an envelope. And what I thought was a bit of a hypocritical letter from Queen Victoria opposing the suffragette movement… excuse me, didn’t she have all the rights women were fighting for and then some!? (oops, my soap box is showing).

The rain had not stopped so I left the library and had a great lunch at the Oz cafe before I hopped a bus to Regents Park. The rain. had stopped by then so I began my neighborhood stroll. I walked past the Sherlock Holmes museum but decided that I was more interested in walking than standing in line.

Truly it looked more like another souvenir shop than museum.  The handy street corner maps as well as some other signs indicated that I was headed towards the Lord’s Cricket Ground and what could be more British than that? It was a pleasant meander and eventually I arrived.

I was kind of hoping to see a venue where I could see a pick-up game but this was the major cricket stadium for London. I’m glad I didn’t wait for next Sunday for this walk as signs let me know that London would be playing Ireland on that day. Cricket might not have the fan following of soccer but I would imagine anything pitting London against Ireland would be well attended. 

Shortly past the cricket stadium, I took a right on my wander and after a ways found myself on a familiarily named street and location.

I got my photo and then explored the shop located under the studio which was full of Beatles and other Abbey Road souvenirs. This wasn’t high on my list before I arrived, but I’m really glad that I got there. It is a connection with my past. 

From here I continued my wander, mostly through a residential area with more beautiful streets and homey looking churches.

Soon after a reached an Underground station and took that as a sign that it was time to return to the hotel and freshen up…. and most importantly, unload a day pack that seems to get heavier with every block. How much can a guide book, 3 maps, a camera, an umbrella and a spare usb battery weigh?

A bit later I headed back over to Queensway looking for Italian food. I picked one out of the several on the street and ordered the lamb cutlets with salad and polenta. It was quite good. I followed that with an indulgence of some decadent tiramasou and coffee.  

Another great day in London.

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