This, that & Westminster Abbey

A true rainy day. I started out on a run to Victoria Station. I’m going on a tour to Bath on Saturday and needed to see where I needed to be to catch my bus. True to this visit, I exited Victoria Station on the exact opposite side from the one that I needed but the spot that I needed was less than three blocks away from the station. Now if only I get up on time. I have never adjusted to UK time …. I have been staying up late and sleeping late daily.

I was on Buckingham Palace road so I followed it along until I reached the more familiar area close to the Palace. I thought that I might go to the House Guards museum but it was closed due to a special event. Further wandering left me facing Westminster Abbey. It was cold and misty but it looked like the line was moving along so I joined in.

It was incredible! So very, very many tombs with vast monuments, effigies and stone memorials. Kings and Queens of yore and even Oliver Cromwell was buried there for 2 years; before they dug him up so he could be beheaded for treason. Photogrophy was not allowed so I cannot share the beauty and of course it is very difficult to convey the sense of age that looking at the tomb of Richard III gave me. I spent several hours here before realizing I had not yet eaten today and it was mid afternoon so I went in search of food.

After eating at a pub near Westminister station, I aborted my plans for meandering as it was pouring down rain so I went to the station and headed for home base. It was not raining there so I wandered shops and then made an early day of it.

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