After getting lost, again, I carefully checked out the tube map and decided that Greenwich was the next stop for me. I do love maritime museums and old clipper ships.

The Cutty Sark. The old ship in dry dock and elevated 3 meters has a museum built around its keel. I paid my fee and went inside to see the hold. Boy, could it hold a boatload….. I mean, boy could it hold a lot of tea! There were lots of hands on displays meant for children and of course I played with most. I did bypass the rocking seats designed to share the shipboard motion since I have had occasion to experience a tad of mal de mer. As interesting as the belowdecks were, its the deck that alwaysholds the most interest.

From there I explored the grounds of the Royal Naval College.

Before heading over to the maritime museum. The British did have a rather large maritime impact (understatement!) so they had some fascinating history to explore. I stayed there until closing at 5. I could not return to home base until I had hiked up the hill to see the display around the Prime Meridian. 

Oh no, the gates closed at 5!!! Surely they have a marker outside of the museum area! sigh…. they did. It was in a small gated enclosure but it was not locked.

My right foot is east of the prime meridian my left is west. – towards home.

Also on display were the standards for various old English measures of distance8

I didn’t make it to the deer park but after getting lost yesterday, I wasn’t anxious to repeat the performance. Besides I need to be up early tomorrow for my trip to Bath.

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