My last day in London

I’ve really enjoyed my 2 weeks here even if I do miss my pooch. I set out today with a mood of melancholy but totally enjoyed myself. It was one of my favorite days as it was all about serendipity and leisure. 

I spent the first part of the morning repacking for my travels tomorrow, thus making. my wanders guilt free. I decided to take the #94 bus instead of the Underground not wanting to miss a moment of London on my last day. I had thought to go to Picadilly Circus on it but jumped off a bit earlier to take a peek at Hamley’s toy store.

It was all that they claimed. 5, or was it 6, floors of playthings. Baby toys, arts and crafts, board games, a whole floor of pink toys, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and legos, legos legos. The Royal family made from legos.

I think parents that bring their children in there and escape without going broke are very fortunate indeed. I wandered along and As I looked to the side I discovered that I was again near China Town. 

That didn’t quite fit my mood for the day so I wandered on. There was a whole store of legos across the street but I felt that Hamley’s had filled my interest for that day.  Having skipped breakfast, my eye was caught by the display in the window of the Caffe Concerto. Checking the menu on display, I saw the word omelette and knew I had found my lunch spot. A spinach and gruyere omelette, served with salad and toast and a cup of coffee were just what I needed.

Impossible to leave a cafe like this without desert I rounded my meal with Belgian chocolate gelato. I was now good to go.

My wanders took me through this delightful pocket park with a statue of Shakespeare. The current temperature was quite cool, but I could easily imagine a warm day with children darting and squealing in the water.

I continued to stroll, heading down whatever street took my interest. I peered into windows of antique sellers. This small area had shops with first editions of both old and new books, old coins and military medals. I paused to look through stacks of old prints of the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the pooh.

Further wandering led me to see a church that I felt was very familiar but took me a bit to place…. St Martins in the Fields. For lovers of classical music this name should be quite familiar. They have quite a few recordings.

A sign out front indicated a cafe and shop in the crypt of the church. I went in to explore.  It definitely had a crypt like feel to it except pleasant. The museum shop was filled with beautiful items to explore.

The church faces out onto Trafalgar square so I next spent some time there looking on chalk drawings and watching street performers. Even though it was a Monday, not a weekend, there was plenty to enjoy. I loved the relaxed feel of it all and it wasn’t overly crowded which was a blessing to me.

I sadly decided that it was time to point my feet at least vaguely back in the direction of Hyde Park and my hotel. I came upon the Parade Grounds where a hand had been rehearsing in preparation for the Queen’s birthday. I watched them march away partially entranced by the sound of all of those marching feet. Of course there were policemen condoning off the area but once the performers were gone, I watched one of them reward his police dog with a bit of play time.

Awwwww – I do miss my Kelly-girl.

From here I walked up to Hyde Park Corner and said my farewells to the park by taking the path along the Serpentine from end to end.

Dinner at a pub on BaysWater near Lancaster Gate called the Swan rounded out my last day in London.

One thought on “My last day in London”

  1. Glad you had a good time. I have enjoyed the photos and stories and would miss it ehen there was nothing new. Hug kelly well!


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