Icons of London

As I travel away from London I feel like a wrap up post of London iconic images might be fun. Of course one of the most iconic is the phone booth, amazingly still in use.

Then there is the mailbox. This one surprised me since I thought that ‘franking’ went out in the early 20th century.

Staying with the red theme, the double decker bus must be included, although some are now shrinkwrapped with advertising as we see all over America.

And of course, the Beefeater guard.

Abandoning the red theme, Big Ben immediately comes to mind.

and of course Westminster Abbey.

and speaking of religious edifices, don’t forget St Paul’s cathedral

and then the Globe theater

There are so many sites, I could keep this up endlessly but I think that I will wrap this up with one image that reflects the London of yore and a final image that reflects London of today. you may have to look closely at the contemporary image to catch it.

The old ( tower of London)

And the new ( from Trafalgar square)

Hint — the traffic signals.

Oh yes, my favorite beer from the trip was BrewDog Punk IPA

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