Zgal – Seattle still

In the morning I brewed a half pot of coffee in the community kitchen and had a lovely chat with a couple visiting the US from Wales. After reviewing the materials left out on the table regarding public transportation in Seattle, I went to the Park N Ride lot and jumped on the #41 express bus to downtown. Naturally just as I got in line to get my Orca transit pass, I saw a #41 pull out of the terminal, but in less than 10 minutes another pulled in and we were on our way.

I got off the bus at the first stop and enjoyed a 15 minute walk to Pike Place Market.

Holey Moley!!! The hype does not do it justice. I did not see anyone throwing fish around but there was a lot of it! Also produce and flowers. Just walking past the flowers was a heady experience. I could have just stood there all day breathing it in. Heavenly.

The fish areas were equally aromatic but not something I could quite get into smelling all day long.

Not as aromatic but I think the produce made the prettiest display

Of course there were shops selling everything under the sun from T-shirts to jewelry to leather goods to soap to pretty much everything you never knew you needed until you saw it there.

It would be easy to spend all day there. In addition to all of the shops there are restaurants with views of Puget Sound and of course, my favorite, a brewery. A stop at Old Stove Brewing Company.

I enjoyed a rest top there with a bowl of chowder and a Tiger Shark Pale Ale.

After some more browsing I hiked down to the waterfront and continued with the pastime of people watching and just enjoying the vibe. Eventually I made it down to pier 50 to buy a ticket on the Bremerton ferry. This had been suggested to me by my server at Magnuson’s the night before as a more economical way of touring Puget Sound. Instead of spending $60 on a tour boat, I spent $4.75 on a round trip to Bremerton – an hour each way with a town to wander in the middle. (Okay that’s over $8 for the younger set). It was a beautiful day to spend on the water.

Neither hot nor cold and the sun was more out than in. I got some nice pictures and idled some time wondering where the container ship coming out from Seattle was going as well as enjoying the variety of housing along the shore.

I had a nice wander in Bremerton and enjoyed a BLT on sourdough at Anthony’s where I could look at the water and see when my returning ferry arrived and leave me plenty of time to walk over to it and back on board.

It was a great day and by the time I walked back through Seattle and to the the Westlake transit tunnel to pick up the #41 back to Northgate I realized I was pretty tired.

I do like to wander!

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