A Dash into the Cascades

I got caught up on my blog over coffee and then packed up and got back in the car. I had no clear destination so I set my GPS for a small town just outside the city and NOT on a freeway. I figured once out of heavy traffic I could pick a destination. I decided that I wanted to venture into the Cascade mountains, but further research found very few places to stay overnight. I eventually picked a B&B on Lake Stevens for days end, and then set my sites on US 2 and a drive through the mountains.

Since I had puttered and blogged away much of the morning, I put Yelp to work looking for an interesting spot for an early lunch. The Preservation Kitchen caught my eye. The signage for the restaurant was subdued so I missed it on my first pass, but it was well worth the about face.

It is a really nice venue. I’m guessing a converted house. On the second floor each of which must have been a bedroom is a separate dining area. I had their “chop salad” which included Gorgonzola and grilled chicken – which was fresh and moist with a hint of charcoal flavor. I paired it with a Sound to Summit IPA.

After filling up, I headed out for the woods and the Cascade mountains. The drive was gorgeous. Some areas reminded me a bit of rte 66 in that there were old classic cars… I saw a hot pink Fiero and a bright yello Pacer! Oh well maybe those aren’t really classics but they both stood out!

When I made it to an altitude of 5000 ft and the top of Stevens Pass I found myself at a ski resort. Thinking this would make a good rest stop, I pulled into the resort parking lot where I couldn’t help but notice that every other car was carrying mountain bikes. Sure enough, the resort stays in business as a mountain bike haven. They have a ski lift that has alternating passenger and bike racks. Then you get to ride your bike down the mountain.

In addition to the bike park it was just a very scenic spot.

I enjoyed a nice walk around before heading back down the mountain towards my B&B at Stevens Lake.

I thought my phone GPS had let me down and I drove around for a bit but it turned out that a) the street sign was mislabeled and b) the GPS thought the inn was on the other side of the street. I finally stopped and asked directions and the lady that I asked happened to live next door to the Inn so I made it safe and sound.

It’s a pretty unusual building. According to the story, the guy that had it built saw a similar picture on a jigsaw puzzle and took it to an architect to build. He had stained glass windows and all kinds of specialty items put in and as soon as it was built skipped town without paying for most of it. The current owners rent out 6 rooms and have an apartment for themselves and apartment for the mother, and an extra studio not currently rented. A total of 14 bathrooms!!!!! To be cleaned daily!!!

Rod and Tracy run a great space. I loved it. We spent the evening out on the patio in front of the fire pit chatting and laughing. The cool night air from the lake made me sleepy and thus this post is showing up a day late…..

Oh yes – I had an enjoyable dinner at LJ’s Bistro in Lake Stevens where I had Jambalaya and a pint of Deschuttes Fresh squeezed. I sat at the bar and had some good conversation and plenty of laughs.

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