Vancouver – a day in the park

The weather is perfect for a day in the park. I checked out my map and it did not look like a terribly long walk, so packed up my day bag and headed out. I think it turned out to be about a mile and a half but it was incredibly pleasant. High 60’s or low 70’s Fahrenheit and most of the walk was shady. When I reached Stanley park I picked a path through the woods. Man was it gorgeous!

I walked along until I came to what I think is called the Lost Lagoon. Amazing what I found. Canadian Geese in Canada!!! I’ve seen them in CT, NY, VA and even AZ and finally!!! I get to see them in Canada!

Beautiful aren’t they? I wandered through the woods until my path exited near “Second Beach”.

I guess an empty beach is what you get in Canada after Labor Day. Pretty though. At this point I figured I would follow the Sea Wall trail at least until I got to “third beach” . I lucked out to see a Sea Lion sunning her(his)self on a rock.

By the time I reached “3rd beach” I decided I was enjoying myself too much to cut inland so I continued on the sea wall walk. It was a really nice walk and the view was great. Before I rounded the point and left English Bay I did manage to get my feet wet.

Ah if those Keens could tell tales.

I stayed on the sea wall trail until I returned to semi-civilization and meandered up to the Stanley Park restaurant. I was seated on the patio and indulged in the Tomato Basil soup. As I was finishing, there was a commotion a few tables over and it seemed we had some uninvited, but quite welcome, guests. A four pack of juvenile racoons!

They really enjoyed the berries on that tree and only disrupted us in that everyone wanted a picture!

After the interlude I debated on taking the bus back to my hotel, but decided “what the heck” and went ahead and hiked my way back. My fit bit was ecstatic with my 8+ miles for the day.

After resting briefly back at my hotel, I went out to the Bootlegger for dinner which was again only a couple of blocks away. I had the pork chop special which was awesome!

I’ve been enjoying British Columbia, so I stopped at the desk and arranged to stay an extra night. So more Canadian tales for tomorrow!

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