Waiting and Bellingham

So… leaving Vancouver and returning to the USA. Nothing exciting for most of the day, just a lot of waiting. After re-packing and checking out of my hotel in Vancouver, I went ahead and used up my Canadian dollars on breakfast, a meal that I frequently skip . It was just a well as I did get tied up going through the border checkpoint. For whatever reason my GPS decided to route me through the truck crossing on 15 instead of the usual car crossing on 5. I did notice signs indicating that it was 5 minutes faster on 15. Well….. for everyone that wasn’t me. I chose what appeared to be the shortest line which of course was the slowest. Fortunately I had started a book on my e-reader app on my phone so I at least got to read a couple of chapters before my turn with the crossing guards. They seemed to be really interested in why I had only spent a few days in Canada and wanted to know if I had been to Mexico recently. Hmmmm –

It was a weird crossing area, after they decided to let me leave there was a weird slalom course to get back on the highway – I guess they were trying to figure if we were high or otherwise impaired. Weird!

My GPS had odd ideas how to get to Bellingham so after it had taken me a few miles off of I-5, I switched my destination from Bellingham to the Days Inn in Bellingham. It promptly took me back to I-5 and eventually I found myself at my correct destination.

Since I had been traveling for a week already, it was paramount to find laundry facilities. Fortunately the hotel had a guest laundry. I whiled away a bunch of time during this process as the wash took an hour and then it was another hour to dry. Not the best of laundry facilities but it got the job done…. eventually.

From there I went on into Bellingham. It’s a picturesque town on the water.

It was really interesting how they seem to have removed a block here and there to make parking with shops along either side.

I had a nice stroll through town before hitting the water front.

The weather was perfect and so I engaged in even more strolling. It was fun to imagine how nice it must be to have a house up on the hillside near the marina. Nice view!

When my stomach finally reminded me that I had not had lunch and it was after 5 already, I chose to have dinner right there on the waterfront at the Loft at Latitude forty eight five. I went for the fish and chips paired with Bastard Kat IPA from Kulshan brewery.

Then headed back to motel to work on an interesting plan for the next few days.

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