Nearing the end…

As I look over my map of downtown Seattle and try to plan another day, I decided I’m not in the mood to plan much (I rarely do much planning). But my hotel is near the Space Needle and practically next to it is the start point of the famous Seattle Monorail. It was a novelty when it was built and is still a great way to travel between my current locale and the business/shopping area of downtown. As I also discovered, a cheap way as well. For most a one-way ticket is $2.50, for some of us its only half that!

It runs every 10 minutes so no long wait. On the outside it looks much like any subway car or the like.

Inside the seats are every which way so you can face the view that you want – front, back, looking out to the left, looking out to the right. It’s top speed is 45 mph and provides a nice smooth ride over top of the traffic.

I may lose my loyal readers now as the end point of my ride was the shopping district. Since I’m from Arizona and am now in Seattle, I wanted to shop for a decent rain coat. I have one that I bought on line. It does the job but I don’t like it. This is one of those things that I like to try on before purchasing. Well, once I started shopping I found it hard to stop… Oh well, one “shop till you drop” day in a vacation of almost 3 weeks is not so bad, is it?

When shopping made me hungry I walked about and found this little park that was filled with food trucks, picnic tables, and even a small play ground.

What a nice idea. I was, however, thinking of a beer with lunch and when I looked across the street I found the answer.

I got a Fremont Pale Ale and paired it with a half a turkey sandwich and a cup of tomato bisque.

Refreshed I went back out to see what other stores I could find. Pictures of all the stores was not taken but suffice it to say that I bought more than just my raincoat.

After returning to my room and trying to determine how I was going to get everything in my suitcase. I meandered out looking for dinner. I ended up at Petra Mediterranean where I got the Combo Kabob – chicken, lamb, beef and veggies. It was a ridiculous amount of food but so good! I could not bear to waste it so I got a to-go box (which I pretty much never do when traveling). As I walked back and started to pass a homeless person sitting up against a wall, it occurred to me that he would appreciate the kabobs so I asked and found a much better use for the leftovers. I’m glad that I had thought to ask for some plastic utensils.

I’m glad I took a day to not be overly touristy and just be.

Another good day!

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