The Space Needle

The Iconic Seattle Space Needle. What trip to Seattle is complete without a trip to the top?

I look up at those outside elevators and wonder if I can actually handle going up in them. Sure I can. I’m lucky to be here on a Monday in September as there are no lines to speak of. I buy my ticket at a kiosk and am waved right on through. I walk through the security point and right up to a waiting elevator. I’m the last one in so I’m right up against the glass – so not a good time to be afraid of heights. I’m not really, just a healthy respect for them. We are whisked to the top and exit to an interior space. Nothing scary here. The view is great and you can easily walk a 360 and enjoy the view. But of course walking to the outside area is well worth it. The outside “wall” or barrier is solid glass so you cannot actually fall but my first pass I walked the 360 closest to the inside wall. There were glass benches up against the exterior wall but I didn’t really want to lean up against the exterior wall too much – it slants outwards to encourage that feeling of falling.

Heights are a great equalizer – it was fun to people watch. In some couples, the woman is huddled up against the interior wall and in others it was the man. Most of the children were unaffected.

So down a flight of stairs to the level with the rotating glass floor. No longer a restaurant but there is a bar and snacks for sale.

I had a Seattle brew (Lagunitas) while up in the needle as it seemed appropriate.

Nice view, isn’t it? It was nice to be on the rotating space while chatting with folks over a beer. I can see why the restaurant was popular back in the day. Long gone but I guess they can send a lot more people through with that space reclaimed.

Of course there was the glass floor left. I have walked on glass floors before. I have not done the one at the Grand Canyon, but I did walk on the one at London Bridge. So here I am….

Or at least my size 6.5’s

I walked around a few times enjoying the view – note the monorail line running through the center of the picture.

Then headed down to explore the park at the base.

The park is called Art in Play.

It was quite elaborate with a painted maze to walk on, all kinds of thinks to climb on as well as slides and swings, none of which were conventional. The yellow posts in the background were actually a musical instrument.

Each one plays a different note. Pretty cool. [I did not notice it before, but I think that’s my wet footprint right under middle C!]

I spent most of the rest of the day just wandering about. Later I found myself back at a restaurant near the needle called Sport. I got the last seat at the bar (always sit at the bar when traveling alone). I was next to a group that were in town for a law enforcement conference and had a nice chat with a policeman from San Jose.

It was a nice end to a relaxed and not overly busy day.

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