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Sunday is Museum Day – take 2

Its once again Sunday, so time to pick a museum. This time I chose the Victoria and Albert museum.

I looked at the map when I went in and saw reference to several rooms labeled “Cast Court”.  What the neck??? I went into the first of these and my mouth hung open… look at all these sculptures….

All these fakes… They were rooms full of casts of sculptures from all over the world. No need to go to Rome to see Michaelangelo’s Moses, a cast of it is right here. Michaelangelo’s David? Also here.

Of course, there were many real sculptures there as well, but not from the classical era. This is a bust of Albert Einstein from 1933 when he was living in a refugee camp in Britain having just escaped from Nazi Germany.

 There were textile exhibits, furniture, China and artifacts from many countries mostly dating from the years of the British Empire.

oh yes and some very modern exhibits

The rest of the day I spent idling about.